Be Eco-Friendly with Your Next Party Event

Eco friendly parties and events

While you may be great at making your home eco-friendly, have you put much thought into how you can make parties and other events the same? At this time when so many of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprint it is important to try and implement eco-friendly measures in all that we do, including hosting family and friends. As you plan your next event take the following steps to make sure that it is eco-friendly:

• Hire locally – while it is true that sometimes you don’t get the best from hiring locally if you hire things like furniture from far off locations it will have to be transported to your home and back and this will consume fuel. As much as possible hire and buy local – the shorter the distance travelled the smaller your carbon footprint.

• The traditional way to send invites is by mail, and while these often make a great impression they are environmentally expensive. If you want to throw an eco-friendly event send your invites out by email or social media. There are many websites that can take you through the step by step process of creating beautiful invitation cards. Encourage your guests to RSVP using the same means.

• Lighting is crucial for any party that will go on past sunset. Instead of using up a lot of electricity you can string up only a few lights and then light up the rest of your party using soy based candles. To reduce the risk of fire make sure that each candle is covered by a candle holder and is standing on a plate or tray. Remove all nearby flammable items.

• It is common custom to use paper plates and cups for parties – the host isn’t left with much cleaning up to do. Unfortunately for each paper plate or cup that your guests use the environment has to pay. Put on a brave face and serve your guests using real plates and glasses – you won’t feel so bad about washing up when you think about your reduced carbon footprint.

• Cater from your local farms, not your local supermarket. It is not very easy to determine exactly where the food in your local supermarket comes from, but if you use local farms you are providing them much needed support. Visit one or two at least a week in advance of your event and place your orders.

There are plenty other eco-friendly party ideas that you can implement, but if you start with these you will be well on your way!

Optimizing Digital B2B advertising and marketing campaigns

Plans are carefully laid.  The content is compelling. The media surrounds your audience. Search, social and email are integrated in support of the overarching application, however the outcomes don’t seem to be there.

Your plan is the result of your passion. When a person says it isn’t performing, it’s pretty much a personal affront, but it surely shouldn’t be. Doing some thing that doesn’t work is studying. Carrying on with to do whatever that doesn’t work is lunacy.

Let’s skip previous surroundings dreams and organising your metrics. if you are nevertheless combating this, there are numerous first rate articles attainable. When if you happen to optimize your campaign? When are you definite that making a change is improved than ready it out?

Listed here are two instructions I actually have used through the years to reduce through feelings and focal point on optimization opportunities in digital campaigns.

1. Center of attention to your success metrics

For a company crusade, some have the impulse to optimize in line with click price. but when a click isn’t essential to engaging in your aim, it shouldn’t be your criteria for optimization both. focus to your critical success metrics.

2. Wait long ample for meaningful results

We’ve a natural inclination to study complete numbers. A small publisher or a creative that is simply offered to a small section may still have reduce numbers. always examine your anticipated effects to date versus your genuine outcomes up to now for any a part of your software. regular guidelines of thumb are to attend unless you expect 10 to twenty results (registrations, content material downloads, video plays, and so forth). using a statistical examine like chi-squared can also be constructive.

As an example, in case you expect a $20,000 search application to bring 400 registrations and $5,000 has been spent to this point, examine your genuine registrations to one hundred. With simplest 100 anticipated registrations up to now, it is likely you’re going to only be capable of assess the individual efficiency of some of your maximum volume keywords and ad companies.

Why is the largest unanswered query in marketing? Is the problem the artistic or the media placement? Is the underperformance a clue the ordinary method is unsuitable, or is it selected to a single part of your plan, and if so, what qualities can you seek in the future to avoid identical problems? Go ahead with your optimization, however don’t neglect to come back and revisit the circumstance to remember why the application underperformed.

Marketing does not have a right answer, knowing why whatever is working or not working gives you clues you should find new winners and stay away from abilities disasters sooner or later.

The AFBE-UK Is Back In Aberdeen

This month an event will be held in order to help engineering students based in Aberdeen. Aberdeen is known as the energy capital of Europe which is why the event will be held there. Organised by not for profit group, AFBE-UK, the innovative group want to help students develop their skills and help them progress and transition from university to the world of work.

afbe UK Scotland

The AFBE-UK stands for the Association for BME Engineers and the group regularly work with young people to promote engineering as a possible career path. The group make a special effort to work with young people from black and minority ethnic origins.

The event will run on Saturday the thirty first of October and will be held at the University of Aberdeen. Students from both the Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen will be welcomed to the transition event.

There will be a number of activities taking place on the day that will help both postgraduate and undergraduate students. A number of the tasks will aim to help students better prepare for the world of work and will ultimately help students get a job in the oil and gas industry. Some of the activities include: CV reviews, mock interviews, talks about life when working in the engineering industry and assessment centres.

Dr Ollie FolayanThe event has been organised by Dr Ollie Folayan who is the chairman of the AFBE-UK in Scotland. He explained that he wanted to help those future engineers by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in the oil and gas industry.

He continued to explain that the transition event will give students the opportunity to network and interact with professionals in order to improve their soft skills. Clearly Dr Ollie Folayan believes that confidence is an important aspect of an engineering job and believes that by helping students build on their confidence by speaking to professionals from the engineering industry, they will improve their chances of securing a job and succeeding in the industry.

The event will be a great opportunity for students at both universities. With jobs at risk in the engineering sector it is important that people are not put off a career in the engineering industry. Engineering degrees are a fantastic choice and it is vital that young people have the opportunity to work in their chosen field, especially after working so hard and spending such a long time on their engineering education.

The transition event is not a new thing, in fact the event has been running since the year 2012. Since its inception the event has helped over two hundred students based in Aberdeen. The AFBE-UK put on programmes throughout the year to help future engineers develop relevant skills and experience.

The AFBE-UK look to professionals in the oil and gas industry to help current students. The group have previously worked with engineers, HR managers and project managers in order to share real life stories with their students.

Moody Predicts That The Oil and Gas Industry Will Remain Bleak

oil price drop

Today, Moody announced that the outlook for the oil and gas industry will continue to look bleak into the beginning of next year. A report released, unfortunately showed that the decline in oil price will mean that cash flow in the oil and gas industry will reduce by at least another twenty per cent in 2015. However, it is not all doom and gloom as a slight recovery has been predicted for next year.

Moody explained that further reductions in cash flow should be expected because of the drop in the price of crude oil. The oil industry has taken a massive hit this year as prices of oil have reduced by more than fifty per cent when compared to the previous year.

Moody has also predicted that the oil and gas industry will likely be in a negative free cash flow position for the remaining part of 2015. In the year 2014, the industry’s negative free cash flow position was at twenty six billion united states dollars. 2015 is looking to end on eighty billion united states dollars. Quite a dramatic difference.

Unfortunately in 2016 continuing cuts are also looking likely. The oil and gas industry will have to further reduce capital spending in order to survive.

Moody expects the total debt load in the oil and gas industry to increase. Many companies will experience declining cash balances and will have to sell their assets in order to make it through the crisis.

It has been announced that some of the more well known oil and gas companies, such as Chevron, Statoil and Shell will be most affected by debt increases. But, they are in a strong position to take on the increase.

But, there is some good news. It has been said that margins and operating costs could return to normal by the end of 2016.

MoodyThe Senior Vice President of Moody, Thomas Coleman issued the report and explained that since the end of 2014, the organisation have had to decrease their oil price outlook many times.

Thomas Coleman said: “We expect oil and gas prices to stay near recent low levels well into 2016.”

Moody’s Corporation is both a credit rating agency and a provider of financial analysis software and services. It was founded in 1909 by John Moody and aimed to provide stats and bond ratings.


UK based company Red Marine only launched their expanded test facilities two months ago and now, they have already announced that they are set to expand yet again. The company which can be found in Hexham are currently developing a brand new and high capacity test rig.

red marine ltd

At only seven years old, the engineering organisation has already quadrupled the size of its workshop. The company have become a huge success and it will be interesting to see how much more this company can grow in the future.

Originally the testing rig was launched to strengthen the services offered by Red Marine and allowed the company to enter new markets.

The new test rig will have a capacity of two hundred t. It is called the cable and umbilical test rig or the CTR200. The test rig has not yet been completed but once it has it will allow the company to test subsea umbilicals and power cables before they have been installed offshore.

The Test Services Manager for Red Marine, Steve Pocock spoke about the expansion. He explained that the testing element is one of the biggest areas their customers need help with. With so many new products being released into the market that can withstand deeper and harsher waters and because of the declining price of oil, more customers are looking for services that offer intelligent testing.

Red Marine are clearly trying to position themselves as an innovative and committed business. They are responding to the needs of their customers and changing their service offering because of the changes in the oil and gas market.

The new umbilical and cable test rig is far superior to anything else currently seen in the marketplace. The test rig has features and capabilities that are unrivaled in the industry, for example their testing rig is able to accurately assess torque balance and cable strength among a whole host of other things.

The new testing rig will mean that Red Marine can test samples that are smaller than seven metres in length and weigh less than two hundred tonnes. Those that require testing services for longer samples, Red Marine can still help. Their testing rig can work by holding the pull heads outside the test frame.

Red Marine pride themselves on their intelligence testing. With their twenty four dedicated employees, the majority of which are chartered engineers, Red Marine tailor their service to their customers individual needs. They do this by providing bespoke packages and solutions suited to their customers.

Red Marine’s in house engineering skills ensures customers receive the best results from their testing services. Red Marine has already achieved a fantastic reputation with its global client base and has an annual turnover of more than three million pounds.

The Many Advantages of Using Ball Valves

There is a wide variety of ball valves available in the market today. There is a handle valve that is used for comprised air and hydraulics. It consists of a brass plate. The three-piece valves have a vacuuming property to them. It has an automatic camera that operates bi-directionally. They are perfect for plants that have flow that changes direction. Finally there are butterfly valves. They can be used to help regulate the water flow.

Plumbing valves are thought to be the best kind. They are relatively simple to use. They are able to adjust the high pressure, temperature and even the flow of the water pumps.

Fluid flow must be close completely in order for ball valves to work optimally in those situations. In this instance, it functions best when the valve is situated on the main line that is providing water in the home.

They may be small and easy to keep and protect from harmful factors. They are made from corrosion-repellent materials which means they are very resistant. The installation is a very easy process. The resistance of the supplies and long life make the ball valves very popular in the home. They are also safe functioning and ensure a great seal.

The ball valve you choose is dependent on your preferences. It is also dependent on what you need the ball valve for. What exactly do you need your ball valve to do in regards to your appliances? There is a wide variety of designer and sizes. There are also ball valves that are made from different materials. This means, in a sense, there is a model available for everyone.

Every plumbing strategy is different from the next. The position of the ball can be established with the handle being removed of the ball brass valves. Plumbing valves are not complicated by any means. It is easy to understand how they work. They are complex manufactured valves but their product is not difficult. When the ball is put in a parallel direction with the passageway, the fluid is allowed to flow directly through the hole. This shows that the valve is open. When the ball is perpendicular to the clearway, fluids cannot pass as the valve is closed.

Each element can be replaced when needed with the use of a spare. This means valve adjustment is fast and easy. This means if a valve is damaged, it can easily by repaired by an expert. Brass ball valves are inexpensive. They are readily available from stores such as PEX tubing.

Ball Valve History by Engineering Circle the Independent Global Register of Ball Valve Suppliers?

2 ways ball valves

Ball Valves: history & mystery

Here is everything you need to know about ball valves. Reading this will cause you to take a second thought on how you treat your natural gas and electricity. You will never think of it the same again. Well, hopefully you won’t anyways.

The origins of the ball valve are not very well known. In fact, it is slightly mysterious as to how this product came to being. Although you do not have to go full Sherlock Holmes to solve the case. Let’s see what we can discover together, shall we? The ball valve is beyond valuable. It is used in a huge array of industries. It is used in restaurants, medical, paper-making, chemicals, electricity, etc. That is just to name a few! This means that the ball valve is critical to our society. We cannot get along without it. Seeing how important it is, it is amazing the invention of it took so long.

How long does the history of the ball valve go? Does it go back to as far as Ancient Greece or the American Revolution? Different sources report different things. It has been reported that the modern ball valve was invented somewhere between 1957 and 1967. Does it even matter when it was invented? Well, the patent owner probably cares about this fact. This has been a major advancement over plug valves that were used in the 20th century. The earliest ball valves were available for commercial consumption around 1967. As far as ancient ball valves, the ruins of Pompeii turned a bronze tapered plug into something that resembles the ball valve we know today. Talk about a mystery, right?

Ball Valve Birth Pains

A ball-type valve was patented in 1871. This led to the invention of today’s ball valve. The original ball was all brass with brass seats. This ball did not do well in the markets and was not available to the consumer as readily as they are today. This ball was not mentioned in any valve catalogs from the late 1800’s. The ball valve we know today is a recent invention. However, the concept of the ball has been around for about 125 years. The first resilient seated ball was issued a patent in April 1945. According to legend, the company’s marketing company did not know how useful the ball valve was. They were not really sure how to market it because of that reason.

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Introduction of the Ball Valve

The ball valve was invented sometime in the 1950s. It was developed at a very fast pace. It has grown in popularity all over the world in countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, etc. This is just to name a few. The varieties of ball valves have increased with great intensity and it continues to grow. Engineers continue to to perfect the ball valve. They are always finding ways to make it last longer. They work on applications of high temperatures, high pressure, secure sealing, and greet adjustment. This dedication has helped greatly in the stability and capability of the ball valve. A higher level of achievement was accomplished and this is able to take place of pre-existing valves. Ball valves are used in a wide variety of industries such as food services, beverages, and construction.

The Main Features of Ball Valves:

  1. Low Flow Resistance

The passage can be divided into full port as well as reduced port. Regardless its factor of flow resistance is similar. The diameter of the full-port valve is similar to the diameter that makes the partial resistance equal to the friction resistance. This means that the full-port valve has the lowest flow resistance in comparison to others.

  1. Quick and Easy to Open and Close

The valve has a 90-degree manual handle. This makes it easy to open and close.

  1. Great Sealing

The most flexible materials such as PTFE make up the sealing element. They are combined with metal and non-metal materials that is called soft sealing. This is generally easy to guarantee in terms of effectiveness.

  1. Longer Duration

The friction between the sealing element and ball is reduced by the PTFE. The rough surface of the ball is also reduced which increases the life span.

  1. Smooth surfaces facilitate the transportation of sticky fluid, serous fluid, and particles better.
  1. Lubricants are not needed to assist in maintenance.
  1. Bi-directional setting can occur under higher pressure and temperature.
  1. The sealing elements in the body are able to separate the medium that can prevent the growth of erosion.
  1. It is light in weight and combat in nature which means it is able to handle low temperatures.
  1. The symmetrical design is easy to take the pressure from pipeline.
  1. The ball can be buried underground in order to prevent the components inside the body from eroding. It can last up to 30 years underground.

What is a fix ball valve?

This is a new ball valve with high performance. There are two types of structures: two-piece and three-piece. It helps a lot with long-distance transport pipelines and common industrial pipelines. It has to be suitable for various mediums. This includes corrosive and non-corrosive, strength, safety, and resistance to environment. All of these things are considered when planning the design of the ball valve. Currently the fix ball valve is used mostly for cutting off or circulating the medium pipeline in a wide variety of industries. Some industries that use the fix ball valve are: restaurants, medicine, chemical, natural gas, and steel. This is just to name a few.

As far as how they work, the fix ball valve and the floating ball valve are different. When working properly, the power produced by the pressure on the ball passes the bearing. This causes the ball to stop moving toward the clack seat. Thus, the clack sent will not have too much pressure on it. The torque of the fix ball valve is small in size. This prevents the clack seat from being easily deformed.

The characteristics of the fix ball valves can be described in the following way. It is not difficult to operate. In fact it is very easy. The ball is supported by two bearings: an upper and a lower.

This aids in reducing friction. It also facilitates the elimination the over great torque movement caused when they sealed load between the ball and sealing seat. There is a high quality leak proof. A PTFR ring is embedded in the steel clack seat. The spring in the end guarantees a high amount of pre-tightening force. The sealing force can be worn during use the valve can still be leak-proof under the effect of the spring. The fix ball valve is fire-proof. This prevents shock heating and/or fire. It also helps in preventing serious leaks. These are both done by a fire-proof sealing ring located between the ball and clack seat. There is an automatic pressure release function. When the pressure in the valve meets a certain level, usually a level that is higher than the pre-tightening force of the spring) the clack seat and ball will separate which will release the pressure. The pressure release causes the clack seat to automatically reset. Lastly there is a drainage pipe. The valve has two holes at the top and bottom. This gives a way for people to examine any possible leakage. When the valve is open or closed the stuff inside can be changed. This can also cause the lumen to be released. This is a good way to reduce pollution.

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Ball valves in great popularity

Ball valves are greatly helping the valve industry to be prosperous. Ball valves come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, materials, etc. They are designed to meet various needs of the consumers. However, they all share one basic job. That is to control the flow of liquids and gases. Turning the device on and off determines the overall flow.

The variations of the ball valves are seen here. A full port valve has a hole in the ball. The hole size is the same as that of an attaching pipe. This restricts the flow path and is, thus, rather smooth. A reduced port valve occupies a small opening in the valve ball. It is a little smaller than the pipe. It helps to slow down and minimize the flow with ease. The trunnion valve is good for situations that require a high velocity flow. In addition, there are some valves that are designed with a three-way or four-way. These valves are not as common as they are used for specialized equipment.

Even though the ball valves vary, they generally have the same components. They all have an outer shell with the valve ball. To control the flow the valve moves up and down as well as rotors. There is a control for the valve to help with the flow. Some are motorized while others are manual. When the valve is open, the ball will face the same direction in order to allow the flow to go through. The flow is closed as soon as the handle is moved in the opposite direction.