Be Eco-Friendly with Your Next Party Event

While you may be great at making your home eco-friendly, have you put much thought into how you can make parties and other events the same? At this time when so many of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprint it is important to try and implement eco-friendly measures in all that we do, including hosting family and friends. As you plan your next event take the following steps to make sure that it is eco-friendly:

• Hire locally – while it is true that sometimes you don’t get the best from hiring locally if you hire things like furniture from far off locations it will have to be transported to your home and back and this will consume fuel. As much as possible hire and buy local – the shorter the distance travelled the smaller your carbon footprint.

• The traditional way to send invites is by mail, and while these often make a great impression they are environmentally expensive. If you want to throw an eco-friendly event send your invites out by email or social media. There are many websites that can take you through the step by step process of creating beautiful invitation cards. Encourage your guests to RSVP using the same means.

• Lighting is crucial for any party that will go on past sunset. Instead of using up a lot of electricity you can string up only a few lights and then light up the rest of your party using soy based candles. To reduce the risk of fire make sure that each candle is covered by a candle holder and is standing on a plate or tray. Remove all nearby flammable items.

• It is common custom to use paper plates and cups for parties – the host isn’t left with much cleaning up to do. Unfortunately for each paper plate or cup that your guests use the environment has to pay. Put on a brave face and serve your guests using real plates and glasses – you won’t feel so bad about washing up when you think about your reduced carbon footprint.

• Cater from your local farms, not your local supermarket. It is not very easy to determine exactly where the food in your local supermarket comes from, but if you use local farms you are providing them much needed support. Visit one or two at least a week in advance of your event and place your orders.

There are plenty other eco-friendly party ideas that you can implement, but if you start with these you will be well on your way!

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