The AFBE-UK Is Back In Aberdeen

This month an event will be held in order to help engineering students based in Aberdeen. Aberdeen is known as the energy capital of Europe which is why the event will be held there. Organised by not for profit group, AFBE-UK, the innovative group want to help students develop their skills and help them progress and transition from university to the world of work.

afbe UK Scotland

The AFBE-UK stands for the Association for BME Engineers and the group regularly work with young people to promote engineering as a possible career path. The group make a special effort to work with young people from black and minority ethnic origins.

The event will run on Saturday the thirty first of October and will be held at the University of Aberdeen. Students from both the Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen will be welcomed to the transition event.

There will be a number of activities taking place on the day that will help both postgraduate and undergraduate students. A number of the tasks will aim to help students better prepare for the world of work and will ultimately help students get a job in the oil and gas industry. Some of the activities include: CV reviews, mock interviews, talks about life when working in the engineering industry and assessment centres.

Dr Ollie FolayanThe event has been organised by Dr Ollie Folayan who is the chairman of the AFBE-UK in Scotland. He explained that he wanted to help those future engineers by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in the oil and gas industry.

He continued to explain that the transition event will give students the opportunity to network and interact with professionals in order to improve their soft skills. Clearly Dr Ollie Folayan believes that confidence is an important aspect of an engineering job and believes that by helping students build on their confidence by speaking to professionals from the engineering industry, they will improve their chances of securing a job and succeeding in the industry.

The event will be a great opportunity for students at both universities. With jobs at risk in the engineering sector it is important that people are not put off a career in the engineering industry. Engineering degrees are a fantastic choice and it is vital that young people have the opportunity to work in their chosen field, especially after working so hard and spending such a long time on their engineering education.

The transition event is not a new thing, in fact the event has been running since the year 2012. Since its inception the event has helped over two hundred students based in Aberdeen. The AFBE-UK put on programmes throughout the year to help future engineers develop relevant skills and experience.

The AFBE-UK look to professionals in the oil and gas industry to help current students. The group have previously worked with engineers, HR managers and project managers in order to share real life stories with their students.