SEO Hero Challenge Have You Got What it Takes to Be an SEO Hero?

If you are reading this blog or if you are into search engine optimization chances are you’ve heard about SEO Hero challenge. I personaly haven’t enrolled for this competition but one my friends has created a website for the competition. He asked me if I could promote SEO Hero Studio on my blog and review of this challenging competition. He’s created a specific page that he has optimized for the keyword SEO Hero.

Wix SEO Hero Challenge

So here we go ….

Are You Set for the Search Engine Optimization Hero Encounter?

Wix wants to acknowledge unrecognized SEO heroes and honor them. They are the ones protecting the internet every day. Everybody is aware of the fact that it is not an easy task. It requires hard work for writing a fascinating content, targeting high traffic terms and checking ranking after every hour. Today, there are almost 90 million registered users in more than 190 countries.

Here is everything you need to know about the SEO Hero Challenge.

What is SEO?

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an activity that aims at improving the search engine rankings.  It can be said that SEO is principles followed by website creators in order to increase their search engine rankings. Following are some benefits of SEO:

  • SEO is imperative for the smooth operation of a big website.
  • With the help of SEO, you can stay ahead of your competition. In case 2 companies are offering the same service or products, SEO optimized website will have more clients.
  • It provides social promotion of your website. As user promotes the websites they find on Google.
  • When the user gets the required keyword in the top searches, it increases the website’s trust.

What is SEO Hero Challenge?

Wix website established a challenge, SEO Hero Challenge Wix. In this challenge, the winner will be paid $50,000. It is a great platform for people to show their SEO skills. What you have to do is create a website optimized for the term “SEO Hero”. The website that performs better than the Wix in terms of search results for the keyword will be awarded $50,000.

How to Participate?

The willing applicants can participate by starting a new website in order to rank for the word ‘SEO Hero’. Anyone can enter the challenge from 16th November till 16th December. The results will be assessed by a judge on 31st March 2017 to 15th March 2017. There will be two searches each day, in total six searches. If there is a tie situation, the 7th search will be conducted on 16th March.

Rules to Follow

Here are some rules of SEO Hero Challenge.

  • The content for the website should be in English.
  • Register the domain after or on 16th November.
  • Contestants must follow the Google’s Guidelines for SEO.
  • Google account must be created. Google Search Console and Google Analytics account must be open by 16th February 2017.
  • The administrative rights must be provided to the judge of the SEO Hero

These rules must be followed or you will be disqualified without notification.

Who is the Judge?

The CEO of MRKT360 INC, Eran Hurvitz is the judge of the Challenge. It is his responsibility to check that nobody uses unethical SEO methods. In order to be eligible, every contestant must follow the rules of the competition.

Therefore, SEO Hero Challenge is a great platform for SEO enthusiasts for displaying their expertise.


What SEO Principles I must use while making the website

Every single participant must observe Google’s specifications for search engine optimization. For the website to keep participating, it’s a very important part of the challenge guidelines required. You need to comply with all the SEO Hero challenge guidelines and your SEO Hero site should stick to all of the challenge rules. The following requirements should be met, or you can be disqualified with no warning:

1. The website you input for the challenge must be purchased on or after November 16, 2016.

2. By February 16th, 2017 it is necessary to possess an account with Google search console plus Google Analytics.

If you are new to SEO than start from the very beginning by reading the basics of search engine optimization here.

So if you feel you are ready for the contest and want to flaunt your search engine optimization expertise, go on and join other search engine optimization aficionados and try out your luck.

7 Ways to Enhance your WordPress On-page SEO

One very important point of search engine optimization is the On-page web optimization. I even dare to say that it’s the most crucial factor. Some fellow digital marketeers would disagree by means of placing their religion on the Off page search engine marketing which aims exceptionally on link-constructing. Besides the fact that children as much because the latter is required for better rating, the lack of excellent and optimized content material will in the reduction of the cost of your web site in the friends’ eyes. Let’s no longer overlook that link-building is a double-edged sword. Why? As a result of in some situations it might smash your SEO method resulting penalty through the search engines like google and yahoo.

1 – select a internet hosting peovider that can assure you space and awesome backups

WordPress is great – we all be aware of this. Besides the fact that children some sites using this CMS are growing to be into memory and CPU eating monsters. It happens fairly a lot – particularly when you are the usage of low-best plugins or plugins that are not taking part in correctly with one-an additional (a.k.a. incompatible plugins). And while plugin management is your responsibility as you are the site owners and admins of your own websites, it is additionally essential to depend on a superior internet hosting company. This will make certain that your web page will easily work. So the primary thing to do is to verify when you are capable of choose a internet hosting plan that matches you stronger and in case your internet hosting issuer doesn’t have such you must believe migrating to one more one.

2 – tremendous backups

Here is very crucial for website positioning due to the following purpose: cutting back the hurt of a broken or hacked web page to your rating. The sooner you be capable to repair issues lower back to regular, the superior. And while there’s nothing more suitable than a guide WordPress backup, the 2d more desirable aspect is the backups from the hosting provider. Additionally you may wish to determine some WordPress backup plugins like the ones that we now have reviewed on TheCMSPlace.

Create advantageous content material with appropriate selection of keyword phrases and phrases

Without a proper keyword research you won’t be able to create awesome content. This potential that your search engine marketing crusade may be doomed to failure. This is why you should analyse all key terms and phrases and additionally to use them for your content. This may make certain that your target audience will discover your web site in the serps. It’s why make sure to accept as true with the usage of some of the terrific equipment for keywords and key words research that exist.

Having a bunch relevant phrases and phrases isn’t the handiest factor with a view to make your content incredible. Let’s not forget that over-optimization with keyword phrases is terribly unhealthy for On-page search engine optimisation. You have to use these words reasonably on your content material. With the intention to make it incredible, it needs to be additionally useful and certain. This ability that you simply need to write about issues which are strictly involving the main thought in the back of your web page. And if we are talking about content for company web sites and blogs – subject matters strictly involving the company and its products and/or features. Premium content additionally capability that is going to deliver an extra cost to any visitor. For example a “how-to article” by which you describe the usage of a product might be extra beneficial. Also you ought to make it person-pleasant by way of writing in a mode that is most beneficial permitted by means of your target group of guests, for this reason it’s critical to grasp your viewers and their needs and wants so so that you can attain them.
Finally – watch your grammar and punctuation and by no means forget that content material is (and always may be) king!

3 – Use SEO plugins

These WordPress plugins will make it extraordinarily handy so you might manipulate your On-web page search engine optimization. they will assist you so as to add all of the important meta facets to your posts and pages and additionally to region appropriate key words and phrases in all relevant locations so that your website may be crawled and listed stronger. additionally such plugins will help you optimize your content for social media as smartly. Some of the optimal options it really is suitable even for novices of YoastSEO.

4 – Optimize your photographs and multimedia

There is nothing worse than a bunch of colossal, unoptimized photographs and other multimedia content material that hundreds from the equal server on which WordPress is installed. the load and the bandwidth waste are going to be large. And this is something that you just with no trouble don’t want! fortunate for you we now have a fantastic assortment of extremely handy-to-use tips for optimizing your images. check it out from this hyperlink.

5 – Improve you website internal and navigation links

WordPress is the king of developing internal links out-of-the-box! this is accomplished with the wonderful tag and class systems. through the use of them accurately you are going to get many inner links between linked content. And having greater of them is primary for On-web page search engine optimization as it improves the crawling process of your website.

WordPress can also be aided in this system and therefore more suitable. yes, that you could achieve even more advantageous effects when developing manual internal links when growing your content. conveniently use the link tools in the WordPress visible editor.

I would drecommend using related post plugins. They’re going to instantly create much more inner hyperlinks between posts with identical content.

Now let’s focus on navigation. WordPress is fitted with a magnificent menu system that let’s you create flawless navigation so that it will allow the company to reach the mandatory content fairly convenient. What you may wish to do is to create a technique for improving your WordPress navigation by using:


  • finding out which features should be placed to your main menu and all other menus (if necessary);
  • opting for proper sub-elements;
  • enhancing the tag and class constitution of your site;
  • deciding upon the menu(s) area(s)


To try this you have to make an audit of your pages and posts. which you can use equipment like SiteLiner or Screaming Frog. select posts and pages that contain wonderful content material and take a look at to enable guests to reach them through the use of navigation equipment of your web page. believe additionally the usage of plugins like WP-PageNavi in order to achieve even greater effects.

ultimately – all the time determine for broken hyperlinks and if obligatory observe 301 redirects.

6 Use the nofollow and noindex meta tags accurately

These two meta aspects are very important for search engine optimization. the first one is used if you happen to wish to inform the hunt engine bots not to comply with a hyperlink that you have created. The second one tells them no longer to index the existing web page. In lots of the instances you’d like to add a nofollow attribute to each exterior links (apart from those that you’re sure that you simply are looking to share hyperlink juice with) whereas making an attempt to preserve the all internal ones “dofollow”. Despite the fact there are cases through which you’d want to add nofollow attribute to a couple internal links as smartly. Based on the outcomes from the content audit from the previous step, you should definitely follow this to all hyperlinks to pages/posts with little or low-excellent content. Additionally each and every of them must be set to “noindex”. By using  this you can make sure that the PageRank circulate will be dispensed simplest between the most essential constituents of your WordPress web site.

7 Use caching plugins

W3 total Cache, WP SuperCache or some other fantastic answer like ZenCache will be sure the pace of your web page. This skill that the company will get to view your pages faster and additionally your hosting server received’t get overburdened. also make sure that you’ve looked after your .htaccess file by way of optimizing it moreover. this may ensure even greater On-page web optimization outcomes.

These are my 7 suggestions to increase your WordPress On-page optimization. What do you suppose about them? Share any questions or feedback in the comment section under and share this publish is social media as neatly.

Optimizing Digital B2B advertising and marketing campaigns

Plans are carefully laid.  The content is compelling. The media surrounds your audience. Search, social and email are integrated in support of the overarching application, however the outcomes don’t seem to be there.

Your plan is the result of your passion. When a person says it isn’t performing, it’s pretty much a personal affront, but it surely shouldn’t be. Doing some thing that doesn’t work is studying. Carrying on with to do whatever that doesn’t work is lunacy.

Let’s skip previous surroundings dreams and organising your metrics. if you are nevertheless combating this, there are numerous first rate articles attainable. When if you happen to optimize your campaign? When are you definite that making a change is improved than ready it out?

Listed here are two instructions I actually have used through the years to reduce through feelings and focal point on optimization opportunities in digital campaigns.

1. Center of attention to your success metrics

For a company crusade, some have the impulse to optimize in line with click price. but when a click isn’t essential to engaging in your aim, it shouldn’t be your criteria for optimization both. focus to your critical success metrics.

2. Wait long ample for meaningful results

We’ve a natural inclination to study complete numbers. A small publisher or a creative that is simply offered to a small section may still have reduce numbers. always examine your anticipated effects to date versus your genuine outcomes up to now for any a part of your software. regular guidelines of thumb are to attend unless you expect 10 to twenty results (registrations, content material downloads, video plays, and so forth). using a statistical examine like chi-squared can also be constructive.

As an example, in case you expect a $20,000 search application to bring 400 registrations and $5,000 has been spent to this point, examine your genuine registrations to one hundred. With simplest 100 anticipated registrations up to now, it is likely you’re going to only be capable of assess the individual efficiency of some of your maximum volume keywords and ad companies.

Why is the largest unanswered query in marketing? Is the problem the artistic or the media placement? Is the underperformance a clue the ordinary method is unsuitable, or is it selected to a single part of your plan, and if so, what qualities can you seek in the future to avoid identical problems? Go ahead with your optimization, however don’t neglect to come back and revisit the circumstance to remember why the application underperformed.

Marketing does not have a right answer, knowing why whatever is working or not working gives you clues you should find new winners and stay away from abilities disasters sooner or later.