UK based company Red Marine only launched their expanded test facilities two months ago and now, they have already announced that they are set to expand yet again. The company which can be found in Hexham are currently developing a brand new and high capacity test rig.

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At only seven years old, the engineering organisation has already quadrupled the size of its workshop. The company have become a huge success and it will be interesting to see how much more this company can grow in the future.

Originally the testing rig was launched to strengthen the services offered by Red Marine and allowed the company to enter new markets.

The new test rig will have a capacity of two hundred t. It is called the cable and umbilical test rig or the CTR200. The test rig has not yet been completed but once it has it will allow the company to test subsea umbilicals and power cables before they have been installed offshore.

The Test Services Manager for Red Marine, Steve Pocock spoke about the expansion. He explained that the testing element is one of the biggest areas their customers need help with. With so many new products being released into the market that can withstand deeper and harsher waters and because of the declining price of oil, more customers are looking for services that offer intelligent testing.

Red Marine are clearly trying to position themselves as an innovative and committed business. They are responding to the needs of their customers and changing their service offering because of the changes in the oil and gas market.

The new umbilical and cable test rig is far superior to anything else currently seen in the marketplace. The test rig has features and capabilities that are unrivaled in the industry, for example their testing rig is able to accurately assess torque balance and cable strength among a whole host of other things.

The new testing rig will mean that Red Marine can test samples that are smaller than seven metres in length and weigh less than two hundred tonnes. Those that require testing services for longer samples, Red Marine can still help. Their testing rig can work by holding the pull heads outside the test frame.

Red Marine pride themselves on their intelligence testing. With their twenty four dedicated employees, the majority of which are chartered engineers, Red Marine tailor their service to their customers individual needs. They do this by providing bespoke packages and solutions suited to their customers.

Red Marine’s in house engineering skills ensures customers receive the best results from their testing services. Red Marine has already achieved a fantastic reputation with its global client base and has an annual turnover of more than three million pounds.

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